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My Poems                        

God's Gifts

by Jane Loughney

God gave us a world of beauty,

When we are in tune, we can see.

He comes to us in so many ways,

A thousand times, every day.

The rays of the sun warm us,

And engulf us with His loving hugs.

Sunsets and sunrises are paintings from God,

A wonderful gift from the Lord above.

Soft moonlight He sends upon us.

A tender embrace from our God of love.

He gave us this awesome world to enjoy,

When we are in tune, and can see. 


by Jane Loughney

Flowers are miracles from God,

So lovely, one and all.

The wild flowers that blanket the earth,

Burst out with such astounding color.

Beautiful flowers in gardens,

Are God's gift of art.

Some flowers are delicate, and some are not,

Some are short and others are tall.

Rose petals are fragrant and soft,

Sunflowers are cheerful, making one smile a lot.

Spring flowers pop up first,

Awakening spring with a burst.

All other flower varieties,

Are spectacular and fine.

Thanks dear Lord, for the gift of flowers,

Freely given, with Your love.



by Jane Loughney

Sunrises and sunsets,

Are God's wondrous paintings in the sky.

The Maker of artists sends us His masterpieces,

Beautiful, breathtaking and flawless.

A wonderful miracle of nature,

Given for us to enjoy.

God, thanks for this gift of love,

Your blessings shine down upon us.

The Sea  

by Jane Loughney

The sea is a place of wonder,

Where our souls are refreshed.

God comes alive in the power of the waves,

Oh, what an amazing place.

The ocean waves rolling in and out,

Bringing peace and serenity without a doubt.

The sands of the seashore,

Are wonderful to explore.

Searching for seashells on the sand,

Is a rewarding adventure to have.

The cry of seagulls is a welcoming sound.

These white creatures are always around.

Lighthouses provide light for ships at sea,

Like God's light shining for you and me.

Thank you Lord, for the gift of the sea,

What an amazing place to be.


Sunflowers are a true gift from God,

Bright, yellow, delicate and strong.

When we recognize this gift from above,

We can feel Him smiling on us with love.

A sunflower gives hope that God is near,

In observing one, this becomes clear.

By Jane Loughney

Roses are elegant creations,

With a lovely fragrance.

Sweet and soft are rose petals,

With so many pretty colors.

This delicate flower is so beautiful,

God's sweet gift to us.

The Rose

by Jane Loughney




by Jane Loughney

Winter has blasted the Palouse,

Wow, so much beauty to be found.

The new fallen snow was so clean,

Brilliantly white and pristine.

A drive through the countryside,

Was so exhilarating.

The rolling Palouse hills

were snow covered,

With drifts sculptured

by blowing snow.

The tree branches were heavily laden with snow,
Their limbs drooping quite low.

The country roads began


How exciting for me!

The sky was refreshing and baby blue,

The sun shining bright on snow covered land.

Several deer stopped and

and posed for me.

What a sight to see.

What a lovely trip through the Palouse,

A land of rolling hills, so unique.


by Jane Loughney

Rainbows come and go,

Always inviting to see.

To observe a rainbow after a

summer rain,

Is so special and great.

My heart leaps when I see one in the sky,

Lovely colors which are soft, but bright.

When the sun shines after a summer rain,

A white light and raindrops meet, and a rainbow is displayed.

Millions of water droplets act like a prism,

And the spectrum of seven colors is divided into bands.

The colors and order are always the same,

They are red, orange, yellow green, blue, indigo and violet.

We are given spectacular light shows here on earth,

Sent to us from the Lord.

Proverbs are associated with rainbows it seems,

Rainbow at night, shepherds delight.

If there is a rainbow in the eve,

It will rain and leave.

But if there be a rainbow in the morrow,

It will neither lend nor borrow.

The spectacular colors of the rainbow.

Are an amazing treat for all.